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Avoid databases

Storing data in databases can be a burden. Analyze data straight from files, without any ETL process involved.

Save costs

Log Analysis or Data Lake applications will have 75% costs reduction compared to a AWS S3 + Athena combo.

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Query any storage

Files on Backblaze B2 or Wasabi buckets can be analyzed in the same SQL query using a JOIN clause.

How StorageQuery Works

What StorageQuery is all about

Logical Queries

We offer Presto as-a-service, so you can query your files directly where they are stored. No downloading or moving files. A suited tool for Data Lakes and Log Analysis.


StorageQuery is truly a service. Your only focus is querying files. We handle setting up servers, configuring and managing them.
Supported files include CSV, Parquet, Avro, and ORC.


Access Keys are the only requirement to make queries on your object stores. Setups and connections are all premade by StorageQuery. Schema-on read, no need to previously define it.

Access Control

Use individual permissioning options to be sure of who has access to each file on your storage. Get more security and governance on your information.

Made For Developers

Api Support

API Support

You can perform SQL queries using the workbench on your control panel or via StorageQuery's RESTful API, using its data access endpoint.


Download query results as CSV files or use the API to export queried data to most well-known analytical tools in the market.

Sdk Tools


API queries can also use our SDKs and use the following supported languages (and many more!):

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