Data lake

Data Lake

Store high volumes of raw data and allow users to query it using our tools or external solutions.

Data lakes are unrefined, large magnitude data repositories, useful for organizations that have numerous different files and want to store them all in a single place.

Various business applications can consume data from data lakes. Predictive analysis, data exploration, data visualization tools and alike. A flexible concept, data lakes fit most companies that can store large volumes of raw data.

It can also complement a data warehouse, where part of the data is processed and made available for some users, like business analysts, while raw data is made available for others, such as data scientists.

Data Lake

Raw data storage in the cloud

How to use StorageQuery as a data lake tool

StorageQuery, coupled with object storages can be used by organizations to build their data lakes. We offer a cheaper, managed tool that frees users from worrying about infrastructure and let them focus on providing information to as many users as needed, with fine-grained data access permissions.

Log analytics tool image

Log Analysis

Log analytics tool image

Analyze machine data using SQL or API to obtain interesting findings in your logs.

Most IT applications generate logs in the most varied formats. From service uptime to actions taken, logs are getting larger and more numerous every day. Log analysis involves searching, cataloguing, querying and analyzing data from your logs through analytical tools.

Using SQL or through our API, users can understand past events and take appropriate actions. Low costs encourage higher frequency and volume of analysis. More control over your systems behavior can help increase its overall performance.

machine generated logs stored as files in the cloud

How to use StorageQuery as a data lake tool

Users can analyze their logs directly from cloud storages with StorageQuery, without losing time with setup and management. An automatic schema detection paired with API and multi-cloud queries can make a big difference when building a log analysis operation.

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